Lending on hold: Regulatory uncertainty and bank lending standards (with Jeremy Oldfather and Doriana Ruffino)
Journal of Monetary Economics (2017)

Lockstep in liquidity: Common dealers and co-movement in bond liquidity
Journal of Financial Markets (2017)

Working papers:

From finance to extremism: The real effects of Germany’s 1931banking crisis (with Sebastian Doerr, Jose-Luis Peydro, and Joachim Voth)

The effects of competition on consumer credit markets (with Rodney Ramcharan and Edison Yu)

Supply of private safe assets: Interplay of shadow and traditional banking (with Borghan Narajabad)

Over-the-counter market liquidity and securities lending (with Nathan Foley-Fisher and Stephane Verani) revise and resubmit Review of Economic Dynamics

Slow capital, fast prices: Funding liquidity shocks and stock price reactions
Winner of the EFA 2013 Best Doctoral Tutorial Paper Prize



Other writings:

The increased role of the Federal Home Loan Bank System in funding markets: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (with Borghan Narajabad)

Bank complexity: Is size everything? (with Jeremy Oldfather and Doriana Ruffino)